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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Feast Gourmet Kitchen Shop

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Walking into Fenton, MI-based Feast Gourmet Kitchen Shop & Cooking Classes, one may get the sense that serious culinary business is about to go down, but in a fun, collaborative way. Owner Sean Gartland said that this is just one of the ways he sets the retail outlet apart from online sellers and big box stores.

“I can’t possibly carry everything that people need for their kitchens. But what sets us apart from big box stores and online shopping is the opportunity [for customers]to actually come into our kitchen and experience the products first-hand while they create a meal together with other foodies,” he said.

Gartland shared images of his store with us as part of his cover story in the September/October 2019 issue of Gourmet Insider. Take a look at what the store looks like on the inside.

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