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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Culinary Square

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When Samantha Fagan returned to her hometown of Troy, NY, in 2012, it sparked a chain of events that rapidly led to the opening of Culinary Square, the gourmet kitchenware store she co-owns with her mother, Carolyn Fagan.

“I grew up in Troy and when I moved back home, I saw how amazing the city was becoming. It was really going in a direction that was exciting. After being back for a few years, I realized that I wanted to become a part of what made Troy so great — small, local businesses,” said Samantha Fagan.

Now gearing up for its third anniversary this year, the business has grown and evolved into more than just a housewares store — it has become part of the community. Fagan and her mother now host a potluck cookbook book club and recently started teaming up with other local businesses to host workshops.

Gourmet Insider recently paid a visit to the retail location. Come along with us through the housewares store and see what we saw while walking through the aisles.

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