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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Bowery Kitchen

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Bowery Kitchen, which was once located on Manhattan’s Bowery Street, has been a New York staple for housewares since 1975. However, after moving its location to Chelsea Market in 1996, the store not only became a hot spot for home cooks, professional chefs and foodies alike, but it became the go-to for its neighbor, The Food Network. 

“They are a regular customer and it’s like a nice, familiar face for them and for us. We have to make sure that we give them the type of service that they don’t get from a chain. They recognize us, we recognize them; it’s a loyalty. It still never gets old. It’s fresh and it’s fun. It’s a nice partnership and we are proud of the fact that we can service them,” Coval previously told GOURMET INSIDER®.

The store was also featured on NBC’s “The Profit” and now has a sister store, Bowery Fork, which is located in Laurel, NY.

Feast your eyes on what we captured during a recent visit to the store. And if you’re hungry for more, check out our galleries of Le Roux Kitchen, The Kitchen Nashville and Whisk’s New York City location.

Photos by senior editor Mike Duff. 

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