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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Artichoke

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Cincinnati, OH-based Artichoke, an independent gourmet housewares store and a 2018 GOURMET INSIDER® All-Star, has been lauded for its design aspects since it opened in April 2016.

The store’s unique merchandising and product selection strategy follows its open concept approach, and highlights a showroom aesthetic. Most of the products are showcased outside of their packaging for customers to touch and feel and often an entire product line is represented by only one piece.

It was praised by Food Network as one of the top kitchenware stores in the U.S. and was also a given Merit Award in the 2016 Cincinnati Design Awards for their LEED Gold Certified renovation of the building.

Take a peek at what we saw during our trip to Artichoke. And don’t forget to check out other store tours of Whisk, Mise en Place and Sign of the Bear.


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