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Loaded Cocktails, Fermented Foods Top 2019 Food Trends List

Headed into 2019, food trends are predicted to change as consumers continue to seek out new flavors as well as foods that photograph as well as they taste.

As gourmet housewares stores are the go-to place for those who love to cook and entertain, it is critical for retailers to be tapped into these trends. Consumers will not only continue to be inspired by the evolving restaurant scene, but will also be looking to create dishes they’ve seen on social media, online and even on television cooking shows.

Food & Drink Resources recently released their list of top food trends for 2019. And while it differs from those predicted by Kroger, there are some similarities on here that retailers should be ready to tackle.

The 2019 food trends from Food & Drink Resources include:

Loaded Cocktails: Consumers will be looking for cocktails with over-the-top garnishes and those that are also visually beautiful.

Fermented Everything: Gut health continues to be top-of-mind with consumers and Food & Drink Resources continues to believe that fermented foods will be hot in 2019.

Wild Greens: Going beyond collards and kale, consumers will begin tasting – and using – dandelion, mustard and chicory.

Israeli-Inspired Fare: Americans are continually becoming inspired by global cuisine and Food & Drink Resources predicts that Israeli flavors are next to be devoured. Dates, mint and pistachios, it predicts, will be top flavor trends.

Nootropics: These are foods that are functional and delicious and they will be a buzzing keyword next year. These foods include olive oil, blueberries and eggs.

Cool(er) Ice Cream: If you thought ice cream couldn’t get any better, it apparently can. Rolled ice cream and unique mix-ins and toppings will continue to be making the rounds this year.

CBD Cocktails and Coffee: Cannabidiol has been found to be good for brain function and Food & Drink Resources said cocktails and coffee infused with it will continue to make their way onto menus in states in which recreational cannabis is legal.

To read the report in its entirety, click here.

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