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LidSitter Inventor Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Khanh Bui, the creator of the LidSitter, has developed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new kitchen accessory that, he said, gets pot lids and utensils safely out of the way without sacrificing counter space, while keeping them close by. With the LidSitter, customers can place pot lids directly onto pot rims, which Bui said makes for an overall better kitchen experience. It is designed to engage with most handle designs and any lid size.

“I designed the LidSitter for my wife to help alleviate the pain from turning and twisting around in the kitchen just to find a spot to rest a lid or ladle,” explained Bui. “Another danger I saw was the risk of burning when touching hot lids. Amazingly, until the invention of the LidSitter, there were no kitchen accessories in the market that addressed the need to save space on countertops while also being ergonomic and focusing primarily on pots, pans, lids and utensils.”

Bui also said the LidSitter offers a multitude of benefits such as its ability to allow condensation to drip back into the pot, making for less mess to clean up. Further, he said, busy cooks will appreciate that the LidSitter keeps lids and utensils in close reach, which can help reduce back strain. The LidSitter flips that script, too. Also, since the accessory dissipates heat so well, the risk of accidental burning is eliminated.

“The best kitchen accessories are simple, elegant and solve a real problem rather than invent one,” adds Bui. “Moreover, tools should be multi-purpose and adaptable. I considered all of those things in the original design of LidSitter. Now, I’m asking the Kickstarter community’s support to turn this dream into a reality.”

A patent for the LidSitter was filed in July 2015, followed by the development of prototypes and the sourcing a manufacturer. In January 2016, a prototype run of 5,000 units was completed and fulfillment of orders for Kickstarter backers is anticipated to run through November 2016, after which the LidSitter will have a full commercial launch just ahead of Christmas.





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