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L’Chef Launches Ava Digital Merchandising System

With the goal of helping independent gourmet housewares retailers better engage with shoppers in store, L’Chef has launched its Ava interactive digital merchandising system.

The Awesome Virtual Assistant (Ava) allows retailers to “walk through” products under each of L’Chef’s brands: Pensofal, NutriMill, Bosch, L’equip and Bamix.

When a brand is selected, the shopper is taken to a virtual kitchen on a traditional desktop computer or mobile device that feature products strategically positioned around a kitchen. An icon next to each product allows the user to obtain product information, see multiple photos and view instructional videos.

“The system is designed to allow consumers to walk through our products and explore on their own,” said Dennis Leavitt, general manager of L’Chef. “But it’s also a sales tool for the retailers.”

He said retailers are able to choose from a variety of hardware that includes touch screen monitors, point-of-purchase displays, tablets and virtual reality goggles. The program can also be used only on smart phones if the retailer so chooses.

“Ava will work on any device,” Leavitt added. “This allows the stores to choose what will work best for their environment.”

He said the system is offered free of charge to retailers who carry products from L’Chef’s five brands, but in some cases, a minimum order may be required.

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