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Kruve EQ Coffee Glassware Launches Via Indiegogo


Kruve Inc. recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for its Kruve EQ, specialty coffee glassware that is designed to enhance how consumers drink their coffee.

According to the company, the Kruve EQ includes two complementary glasses and a carafe that consumers can brew their coffee directly into. The glassware is made to tap into the senses to enhance the consumer’s coffee experience.

The glasses feature double-walled borosilicate glass to keep the coffee warm, yet cool to the touch. While the single wall keeps the rim thin, so that it’s comfortable to drink, said the company.

The glasses differ in terms of liquid surface area, which affects the rate of oxidation, and in turn softens or amplifies tannins and acidity, company officials stated. The glasses also differ in terms of rim architecture, which affects the flow and spread of coffee on your tongue. Meanwhile, each glass also features a different internal shape and amount of headspace, which can greatly impact the aromatic focus of the beverage.

The Evoke carafe is double-walled to keep temperature stable and can be used with a variety of popular brewers.

“Instead of matching a glass to a certain type of coffee bean varietal, we developed complementary glasses that will either amplify or soften certain flavor notes, just like an audio equalizer, and put you in control of your sensory experience,” said Michael Vecchiarelli, CMO and co-founder of Kruve.

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