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Kitchenwares On The Square Talks On Leveraging Big Box Coupons

As the retail space continues to become even more competitive, it has become an absolute necessity for independent store owners to get creative with how they attract customers into their stores.

Experiences, such as cooking classes and special events, are two tactics that have certainly helped McKinney, TX-based Kitchenwares On The Square gain a strong customer following. However, the store has recently adopted a few new tactics that have also proven successful — one of which is honoring Bed, Bath and Beyond store coupons. 

Windy Gallagher, store lead at Kitchenwares On The Square, recently spoke with GOURMET INSIDER® about why it started to accept Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons and some of the store’s other best practices to help it stand out in a crowded retail space.

Gourmet Insider: Why did you decide to honor Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons?

Windy Gallagher: The feeling of shopping in Historic Downtown McKinney is not something that can be easily replicated. The character of the store/community is what makes us unique. Because of the downtown charm we not only please locals but also attract tourist by giving visitors memorable shopping experiences.

With that said, we decided to honor the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in hopes of drawing more customers downtown to shop instead of department stores. The idea was to keep dollars local and support small business by using big box store tactics.

GI: How does/has this helped your store’s overall sales?

WG: This is a new offer from our store so we have not seen any change in sales yet. We are hopeful it will catch on as we advertise the offer more online.

GI: Do you feel it has brought in new customers?

WG: We haven’t seen a large number of the coupons come in but it definitely got attention online. The exposure then boosted our following and engagement rate on social media and could’ve very well brought in new customers.

GI: What are some of your other best practices that have been helping the store make noise in the community, attract new customers and help to stand out from the big box stores?

WG: Our social media presence, the downtown atmosphere, the small business community, and the cooking classes we offer are all components that support our business and help us stand out from big box stores.

At Kitchenwares On The Square, we also just started doing “Dinner and a movie” nights where we host cooking classes themed around classic films. We pull down the projector screen, throw on a movie (“Blue Hawaii” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” are on our list) and everyone has a blast. With these new classes in rotation, along with our regular cooking classes and knife skills classes, we have brought in a number of new customers and friends.


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