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Kitchens On The Square Offers Wine And Paint Classes

Savannah, GA-based kitchen retailer Kitchens on the Square has teamed up with Les Kitchen Artistes, to offer wine and paint classes in its store.

According to the retailer’s website, during the 90-minute class, artists from Les Kitchen Artistes work with participants to paint artwork inspired by famous French painters such as Monet and Van Gogh. Each student works with a supplied 16” x 20” canvas, paint and brushes.

In addition, those attending the classes are encouraged to sign up with friends for the class and bring a bottle of wine to enjoy together while they paint.

To promote the new class, Kitchens on the Square recently ran a social media giveaway, offering those interested the chance to win a free class.

The store encouraged Facebook followers to “like” and “share” this Les Kitchen Artistes Rap-inspired video about the store and its new partnership:

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