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Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Kitchen tools and gadgets, retailers noted, contributed the most to their store’s gross sales. Overall, the category took in approximately $61.6 million in 2017, an increase of about 3% from the year prior.

The more consumers are shopping for fresh ingredients, thanks to the farm-to-table movement, the more they are seeking out the tools and gadgets that will help them properly prep and cook their food. This desire for the right tools has helped keep the kitchen tools and gadgets category thriving for gourmet housewares retailers.

Food trends play a large part in what sells, however, many report classic standbys such as spatulas, whisks and vegetable peelers are consistent top sellers. Retailers have also reported an uptick in barware tools — strainers, cocktail shakers and wine openers — as more consumers are outfitting home bars.

Tools and supplies that can assist consumers with pickling and fermenting vegetables is also on the rise as consumers embrace the health benefits of both. Portion-controlled measuring utensils and kitchen scales also continue to be popular, as are tools meant for a singular purpose such as a berry huller, avocado peeler and cherry pitter. Spiralizers continue to sell well for retailers as consumers are exploring new uses for it beyond creating zucchini noodles.

Kitchen tools and gadgets are often stocked heavily, retailers reported, and many retailers also incorporate them into store displays.

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