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Kitchen-N-Things Destroyed In Fire

Seattle, WA-based Kitchen-N-Things has been destroyed in a fire that claimed at least five other businesses, reports local news outlet KUOW.

“The outpouring of support, well wishes, anecdotes and concern being shared with us has been heartwarming. It makes us so very happy to see that what we do is still being well received after almost 50 years in business… We wanted to share a great, big expression of gratitude toward everyone who has reached out to show that you care. Thank you so much, really. The support is overwhelming,” was posted on the store’s Facebook page.

Kitchen-N-Things has been located in the Ballad section of the city for more than 45 years. The website states that it carries tools and treasures for [the]kitchen, entertaining, and gift-giving needs.

According to The Seattle Times, the housewares store, along with four others, will most likely be deemed total losses. The fire department is still investigating the cause.

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