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Kitchen Electrics

Driven by the continued craft coffee trend, channel sales of beverage electrics saw a 3.7% increase to $13.9 million. However, food prep electrics saw a dip in the independent retail channel in total, while some gourmet insiders have nixed the product from their assortment completely.

According to survey respondents, 34.9% said they would be scaling back in the kitchen electrics category going into 2018, which is up from the 2017 survey in which only 30.6% said they would be scaling back in the category. While 16.3% said they would be looking to expanding the category, the remaining 48.8% expects to maintain the same assortment of kitchen electrics next year.

However, those that are selling kitchen electrics have turned to demonstrations and kitchen electric-centric cooking classes in order to give the category a sales boost. Retailers told GOURMET INSIDER® that demonstrations enable consumers to try a product before they purchase it, which is crucial to goods that are higher priced. Cooking classes in which retailers or chefs use items such as a pressure cooker or sous vide have also proven lucrative for the category.

While coffee has been the main attraction in kitchen electrics, multi-cookers have also been growing throughout 2017 and are expected to do so again in 2018. Bloggers and food-centric websites have pushed the item as a solution to create home cooked meals in a short amount of time.

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