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Kitchen Company To Host Cheese Making Class

Kitchen Company, located in Longmont, CO, will host a cheese making class with The Art of Cheese, a local cheese shop on Wednesday, December 5.

According to the retailer’s website, the class will feature The Art of Cheese store owner Kate Johnson, who will teach participants how to make quick and easy homemade cheeses. She will also discuss basics to home cheesemaking, such as what equipment and ingredients are needed, the science of cheesemaking and how to source the best milks locally. In addition, there will be samples of freshly made cheeses to taste.

At the end of the class, Kelly Liebrock, professional cheesemonger and Art of Cheese instructor, will teach participants how to put together cheese boards for holiday entertaining. The cheeses available will also be offered at a discounted price and students can purchase their cheesemaking supplies and other cooking supplies from Kitchen Co. with a 20% off coupon.

Kitchen Company stated the class has a fee of $20 per person.

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