The Kitchen Collage Puts Focus On Upgrade Market


While most businesses seemed focused on the growing Millennial purchasers as well as those Boomers who are downgrading their homes, there is another group of shoppers that have been seemingly underserved in the industry, said Teresa Adams-Tomka, owner of Des Moines, IA-based The Kitchen Collage.

This group, she said, are women and/or couples in their late 40s and early 50s who are not yet ready to retire and downsize, but have grown children. They are done with the items they registered for when they were tying the knot for various reasons – wear and tear, changing taste, etc. – and are looking to purchase replacements and upgrades.

“They are a market that needs to be paid attention to,” said Adams-Tomka. “It’s a healthy upgrade market and a lot of times, they are looking to make all new purchases from tablewear to linens,” she said.

She explained that these consumers not only want new things, but they are also preparing on the expansion of their family – the addition of significant others and eventual grandchildren mean more seats around the gathering table.

“These consumers are going to look for tableware that is a 12-piece set or larger,” she said. “They are going to look to make larger purchases because they are getting ready for their next phase of life.”

Adams-Tomka said that by putting a focus on this group, it can help add to the bottom line of your business in a big way. While she opts to zero in on the consumer and ask a lot of questions about what their needs are in order to steer them in the right direction, utilizing your store’s bridal registry tool as a wish list could also help this these consumers to re-build their housewares selection.

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