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Kitchen a la Mode Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Kitchen a la Mode, a South Orange, NJ-based independent gourmet housewares store, is celebrating its 10th year in business. Owner Ben Salmon was named a 2016 GOURMET INSIDER® All-Star retailer.

To mark the occasion, the store is giving customers a $10 bill for every $50 they spend.

On the store’s Facebook page, Salmon commented, “I can’t believe we’re celebrating ten years! What does a decade look like in practical terms? It means 9,000 candles sold,14,000 knives sharpened, 5,000 state towels, 6,000 pieces of cookware, 8,000 knives, 3,000 bars of soap and 16,000 SodaStream carbonators. We’re so appreciative of every single person who thinks of us and makes the effort to visit our shop. Thank you.”



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