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Kirsten Gjesdal Shares The Inspiration For Her Store Name

Kirsten Gjesdal, owner of the Brookings, SD-based independent gourmet housewares shop, Carrot Seed Kitchen, opened the store in 2015. After one relocation and plenty of growth plans, the owner of the store has opened up about the inspiration behind the store’s name.

“Back when The Carrot Seed was still just a silly idea, I started working on giving the research project a name so I could stop referring to it as the ‘maybe-kitchen-store-thing,'” she wrote in a recent blog post.

From a group text to her family to possibly naming the store after her dog, she stumbled upon the name quite accidentally when she least expected it. She was reading inspirational notecards in a retail shop when her next step brought her to the store name.

“I turned the corner and there it was. A kid’s book called The Carrot Seed. I read the book, bought a copy, and settled on The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. a few days later,” she wrote.

She continued that the book is written by an author that wrote another one of her favorite books growing up – Harold and the Purple Crayon. The book, she said, was a staple in the home of her grandparents when she was a child.

To read her entire story, visit her store’s blog here.

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