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No Money Lost: Karmin Billadeau Dishes On Closing On Sundays

The weekend is a vital time for the independent housewares industry. It’s when people are out and about, doing their errands and shopping for the next bridal shower or housewarming gift. It’s when they are spending time at home, realizing they need a new cocktail shaker for that party they are throwing or decide it’s time to freshen up their tableware.

However, it’s also family time, together time and time that Karmin Billadeau of Bismarck, ND-based Karmin’s Kitchen Table said is her time, too.

“Whether anyone in my family wants to see me or not, Sunday is the day that I am home with them,” Billadeau said with a genuine laugh. “But, it’s the one day during the week where I can get everyone around the table, or spend meaningful time with my family. I need that and my staff deserves it, too.”

While some independents retailers would caution against lost revenue on a closed weekend day, Billadeau said that her customers not only understand why she is closed during the weekend day, but that they also support her decision to do so.

“We are a family-owned business and my customers really respect that. They’ll even say, ‘Good, you deserve to be home with your family,’ and seem to appreciate the fact that I am closed for that reason,” she said.

And, noted Billadeau, closing on Sunday has not seemed to impact her business monetarily, as it has grown steadily since it opened three years ago and is continuing to see success.

“We have the best customers and a lot of our new customers are from referrals, and we continue to feel so supported,” she said.

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