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JIA Debuts Hand Drip Coffee

JIA Inc. has debuted its Hand Drip Coffee line, which features a double-layer ceramic filter cup that is placed over a glass server. According to the company, the double layer of ceramic is designed to provide improved insulation to help maintain proper water temperature during the brewing process.

There are two styles of filter cups included in the line: wave and cone. The wave filter cup is said to ensure a stable coffee-extraction process with high fault tolerance, making it ideal for those just starting out in drip brewing. It also allows the original flavor of the beans to come out, be they a dark or light roast.

The cone filter cup has a ribbed frame, explained JIA, that creates an air gap between the paper and the cup. This design allows greater air flow during the extraction process. Further, the design yields a faster water flow and the higher acid content that results makes for a smoother, fuller and more aromatic cup of coffee.

The double ceramic filter cup comes with what the company called a dripper sit, that has a glass bottom with bamboo ring. Once brewing is done, a consumer can place the filter cup on the dripper sit to prevent any drips or spills.

The coffee line’s glass server is made of heat-resistant mouth-blown glass and ensures a crystal clear view of the coffee’s color and volume and features server markings.

The new Hand Drip Coffee line recently won a 2017 Good Design award in Japan, and is available now.


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