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Jacobsen Salt Launches Starter Kit

As more people continue to cook at home, Jacobsen Salt has put together a new salt starter kit designed to teach consumers about how and when to use different types of salt.

According to the company, the kit is a collection of salts paired with insights, techniques, and tools for the consumer. It includes a jar of pure flake sea salt; a jar of kosher sea salt; a jar of fine sea salt; a vial of infused black garlic salt; a vial of infused lemon zest salt; fine sea salt tablets a handmade salt cellar; a 32-page custom guidebook to using the salts; and a quick conversions and tips magnet.

“The kit is more than just salting your food, it’s about understanding what salt is and what salt does to your food,” the company said in an email.

The kit is available now for a suggested retail price of $110.

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