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Independent Retailers React To All-Clad Shift

After news came that All-Clad would no longer be supplying many in the independent housewares markets with product, retailers spoke out about the action.

As GOURMET INSIDER® recently reported, according to a letter received by some independent retailers, Groupe SEB is tightening its All-Clad authorized distribution network. The company will no longer accept All-Clad orders from select retailers as of July 1, 2020,

One retailer with whom Gourmet Insider spoke off the record, noted that she realized something was amiss when the vendor was consistently out of the store’s top six best-selling SKUs.

“If they couldn’t handle the amount and type of product we needed during COVID, which was very conservative ordering for us, we knew something bigger was going on there,” the retailer said.

She speculated that any financial missteps the company made in the past, big or small, were most likely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused them to re-evaluate its business model.

Another retailer, who said the store did a very healthy business with the brand for almost 40 years, added that she proactively added to the store’s stainless collection during the last year, a move she feels will be beneficial now that All-Clad is diminishing its presence in the channel.

“In 2019, we did add two new brands of stainless cookware so I am sure that greatly contributed in diluting the sales. At this point, I am glad that we did though because now we are in a better position to move forward,” said the retailer.

Habitat Housewares, which is located in Anchorage, AK, announced the news to its customers via its Facebook page.

“It is a sad day today as we have to announce that we will no longer be able to purchase and supply All-Clad cookware for you, as they are no longer selling to independent gourmet retailers (that is to say, small, locally owned businesses). This brand has been a staple of our store for [more than]35 years and we are very sad to see it go,” the store posted.

However, several retailers contacted by Gourmet Insider noted that they have not been dropped from the company’s roster.

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