Independent Retailers Kick Off Zwillingfest


Zwillingfest, created by German cutlery manufacturer Zwilling to echo the German Oktoberfest celebration, has officially kicked off.

More than 130 retail locations have signed up to take part in the month-long promotional opportunity, an increase of more than 400% in comparison to the 2016 retail participation.

“It’s been a fun thing to see the independents have something to get excited about,” said Scott Severinson, vp/business development for Zwilling J.A. Henckels. “The event goes the entire month and we came up with different items from a litney of products that retailers can promote.”

Independent retailers, added Severinson, have control over how they plan and market the event. He said that while some retailers have a big weekend event where they have everything on sale, others spread it out throughout the month and then have one big event at the end.

“Some are changing out the products weekly. One week it might be cookware, the next it might be cutlery or serveware,” he said.

And there are different thresholds when it comes to the promotional marketing kits, said Severinson, so that retailers can get exactly what they need in order to make Zwillingfest a success in their stores.

Severinson explained that the event came about as the company was looking for ways to boost sales in the independent sector but also create stronger partnerships in the channel. He said by creating a promotion such as this, it has helped bring customers into the stores for both the sales value and the atmosphere.

“We wanted to do something that can’t be emulated online and we wanted to get retailers and their staff excited about it,” he said. “They are having terrific days. If you treat [this channel]fairly, they will react. These products are something that they can get behind and Zwillingfest will help them better portray the portfolio of all the products we have.”

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