Kitchen Kapers Embrace Hygge Trend To Entice Customers


The Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) has slowly made its way to the states. Hygge, which essentially means to embrace comfort, happiness, contentment and simplicity, among other positive vibes, is something the Danes treasure greatly and often involve comfort food, mugs of hot chocolate or enjoying a cocktail by candlelight.

That being said, the concept of hygge is something that can certainly be weaved into a gourmet housewares store owner’s conversation. Hygge celebrates the homemade, as does the gourmet industry.

NJ-based Kitchen Kapers, which has 10 locations, recently caught the hygge vibe and leveraged the concept for one of its recent customer e-newsletters.

According to store owner Bob Kratchman, the newsletter was the brainchild of the store’s buyer, Kelly Gilmore. In this week’s web exclusive Gourmet Insider explores Gilmore’s affinity for hygge and how she captured that feeling to pique the interest of customers.

Gourmet Insider: Tell us about the inspiration behind your newsletter discussing hygge? Why did you tap into this emerging trend?

Kelly Gilmore: The NY Times ran an article in December about hygge and that was the first time I heard of it. Then, at the NY Now show in February, I saw a number of books were being introduced on the trend. Hygge complements a good deal of our assortment such as coffee, tea, slow cookers, wine glasses and cast iron cookware. Customers want to stay in and cook with friends and family while drinking a glass of wine, playing a board game. This encompasses the definition of hygge.

GI: How did you select which products to discuss in the newsletter to link back to this cozy vibe?

KG: We hit on a few of the Scandavian-inspired items that we carry, as well as comfort food and baking accessories. Some of the products highlighted included Cose Nuove Swedish dishtowels, Chef’s Choice Krumbake baker, as well as items from Dansk, Le Creuset, USA Sheet Pan and cookbooks featuring comfort food recipes.

GI: Do you often keep up with consumer trends to use them as leverage for new and unique marketing efforts?

KG: I read blogs and magazines constantly. That’s my Hygge moment after work and on the weekends with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

GI: What is it about this Scandinavian concept that you feel your customers are drawn to?

KG: Hygge embraces comfort and relaxation. After a long day or week at work, our customers want to slow down and enjoy the comforts of their home with friends and family.


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