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Hurom Preps Fruit/Vegetable Knife Set

Hurom has introduced the Fruit & Vegetable knife set, a complement to the company’s line of juicers. The new knives are designed to optimize the process of cutting fruits and vegetables before juicing.

The set consists of a 7-inch santoku knife for cutting hard ingredients like beets and celery; a 4-inch citrus knife for cutting any citrus staples; and a 3.5-inch paring knife for extra precision.

The knives are made of German steel and have a non-stick coating with matte black finish. The finish doubles as a protective coat to help resist corrosion. Hurom said it partnered with Skandia, a premium cutlery maker based in New York, to design the new set.

The knife set has a suggested retail price of $99. Hurom recently unveiled a cutting board as well.

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