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Hammer Stahl Initiatives Reinforce American Clad Lineup

Hammer Stahl, which re-branded its cookware as American Clad by Hammer Stahl earlier this year, is introducing 316Ti 7-ply American Clad stainless steel cookware while rolling out new merchandising displays.

“Stainless steel is a classic choice for home cooks and professional chefs and we wanted to take it to the next level,” said Bobby Griggs, vp/Hammer Stahl. “The 316Ti cooking surface provides the most non-porous, non-reactive cooking environment which produces authentic natural flavors.”

According to the company, the interior layer of steel of the pan has been changed to 316Ti from 304SS so that the cooking surface is the least reactive to salts, acids and enzymes.

In addition, Griggs said, this stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion and reduces metallurgical reaction between food and the cooking surface. Made of high-quality titanium-enhanced stainless steel, the offering is suitable for all cooking surfaces, including gas, electric and induction and can go from oven to fridge to table.

The combination of 316-type titanium stainless steel with inner layers of aluminum and aluminum alloy in the construction is intended to provide a balance of heat distribution while remaining a durable cooking surface. The surface is evenly heated because of the combination of the heat conducting inner core, so there are no hot or cold spots on the cooking surface that would cause sticking and burning issues, according to the company.

To showcase the new collection, as well as to promote its new branding and U.S. production, Hammer Stahl is also debuting new merchandising and point-of-purchase displays. Griggs explained that the displays are designed with an array of educational components about the cookware, which were created to aid retailers in assisting interested customers.

“Much of the work around increasing sales and profitability is done around merchandising. The way products are presented is a crucial component. Our new modular displays make it easier to see and understand our cookware’s key features and benefits and delivers on a good brand experience,” said Griggs.

“We continue to conduct a great deal of research with consumers and retailers to help ensure that the in-store experience is a positive one.”

While the company is bringing new products to the market, it is also debuting a full marketing strategy around the official launch. In order to fully tell the story behind the company’s U.S.-made brand, Hammer Stahl is introducing a campaign that centers around the manufacturing story.

“Hammer Stahl is making a strong effort in telling our story about how we approach manufacturing. We believe and have a history to support that manufacturing for the local independent business owner is a valuable and worthwhile venture. The customer needs to know that our cookware is made from the heart by skilled and dedicated workers. We are proud to be American owned and operated, offering American-made products for consumers who insist on quality,” Griggs said.

According to Griggs, the marketing components were designed to connect the employees’ personality, commitment and dedication to customers through imagery and quotes from several staff members. To highlight the cookware pieces, online videos have been commissioned to showcase the line and the company has also launched a blog, titled “Notes from the Kitchen,” which is designed to give voice to the power of cooking.

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