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Griggs, Curtis-Wellings Named To HomeWorld Business Players List

Bobby Griggs, vp/Hammer Stahl and Tony Curtis-Wellings, owner of Austin, TX-based Faraday’s Kitchen Store, have been named to the HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® annual list of The Players: People To Watch.

According to HomeWorld Business, sister publication of GOURMET INSIDER®, the industry figures in this 12th annual “The Players” issue are expected to have a significant impact on the housewares industry going forward.

In selecting the “Players,” HomeWorld Business editors culled the list from a large group of candidates that included suppliers, retailers, designers and industry-affiliated organizations.

The group is diverse, not just in the scope of their businesses and responsibilities, but also in their individual experiences and contributions to the industry. All, however, have played a role in shaping the housewares industry.

Griggs was named to the list not only for his new marketing initiatives in cookware, centered around the launch of American Clad by Hammer Stahl, but also for his unwavering support of the independent gourmet housewares channel and his solutions-oriented approach to increase sales in that segment of the industry. To read Griggs’ profile in its entirety, click here.

As for Curtis-Wellings, his authority and voice in the independent retail channel have allowed him to become an advocate, not only for his business, but for the industry as a whole. A mentor to others and a voice for the gourmet industry, Curtis-Wellings is quick to share his findings with other retailers in hopes that it will help them, and the industry, find success. To read the full profile on Curtis-Wellings, click here.


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