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Gourmet Insiders Touch On Training [VIDEO]

The Gourmet Insider roundtable series resumed at the Dallas Market Center, where independent kitchenware retailers revealed their views on “The State of Relations Between Retailers & Vendors.”

In part three of this four-part series, retailers discussed the need for training and the benefits that it has on both sectors of the market – the retailer and the vendor – when it comes to selling products.

“We’ve had people come in and do a staff meeting for us or come in early on a Saturday before we open and get people together and spend an hour going over four different lines or so,” said Dean Eaton of Keene, NH-based Your Kitchen Store. “The people on my floor are happier when they hear this stuff. They are getting it directly from the rep and they get on the floor and sell more confidently.”

Paul Ayo of Lafayette, LA-based E’s Kitchen, said that if vendors don’t give product samples, he usually does not do business with that vendor.

“If there’s a company [and]they won’t send me a sample for me to put my hands on it, I’m already done,” he said.

Panelists included Paul Ayo, E’s Kitchen; Jodi West, In The Kitchen; Teresa Adams-Tomka, Kitchen Collage of Des Moines; Peter Massey, The Afternoon; Dean Eaton, Your Kitchen Store; Kim Brown, Olive & Cocoa; and Sarah Freeman, Allen & Peterson.

Moderated by Gourmet Insider’s Peter Giannetti. Event sponsors included Chef’s Design, Dexas, Enrico, Hammer Stahl, Kitchen IQ, and Dallas Market Center.

For the complete video, click here.

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