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Gourmet Insiders Land Spots On Conde Nast Traveler List

Conde Nast’s Traveler website recently posted an article titled “Where to Cook with Famous Chefs on Your Next Trip” in which several gourmet stores were featured. The list includes 10 cook shops and/or food stores that feature cooking school segments offering hands-on educations from some of the country’s top chefs, the article noted.

Nominees included:

  • Cook in Philadelphia, PA, a food boutique that offers cookbooks, magazines, and kitchen gadgetry, as well as a 16-person counter for themed multi-course dinners from local and national chefs.
  • The Pantry At Delancey in Seattle, WA, home to the Seattle Meat Collective, which celebrates old-school butchery and charcuterie-making. The Pantry offers technique-heavy classes, such as handmade pastas, seasonal craft cocktails and jam-making, homey five-course family dinners, and occasional potlucks based off the recipes in a single cookbook.
  • Charleston Cooks! in Charleston, SC, a gourmet kitchen store that hosts events designed to appeal to multiple skill levels. A popular class includes the Low-country, which educates attendees on the cuisine of the Carolina coast.
  • The Chopping Block in Chicago, IL, is a studio that promotes a participatory lineup on top of its retail arm, the article said. Classes touch on skill-building, regional cooking and ethnic cuisines.
  • Brooklyn Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY, offers high-end cooking supplies and artisanal groceries. Classes include pizza-making, home-brewing and knife skills.
  • Stir in Boston, MA, can host only 10 guests at a time, the article noted, and features classes that are custom-calibrated, including traditions of France, Italy and more.
  • Heirloom Kitchen, in Old Bridge Township, NJ, a retail gourmet kitchenware store with classes that include using ingredients from local farms for both basic skill building and internationally influenced cuisine.
  • Faraday’s in Austin, TX, is another gourmet retail store that offers classes from the basic skill-building sessions to more advanced topics, such as Moroccan tagine cooking, Spanish paella prep and more.
  • New School of Cooking, in Culver City, CA, a culinary academy that offers full-time programs, as well as public, recreational programs with classes ranging from jam-making to “how to perfect your food photography skills.”
  • Portland’s Culinary Workshop, in Portland, OR is a classroom that offers global cuisine courses, from Japanese sushi, Argentine food and drink, South Asia curry-making and more.

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