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Gourmet Catalog & Buying Group Introduces New e-Newsletter

Gourmet Catalog & Buying Group has launched an e-Newsletter that will be distributed twice a month to its member base. The newsletters will be slated to be distributed every first and third Friday of the month. The first e-Newsletter will focus on a seasonal ingredient. The second monthly e-mail is intended to be is thematic revolving around that month’s holiday or ideal activity. Each e-Newsletter will consist of four featured recipes, tips and tricks, featured products and facts.

“In many ways, Gourmet Catalog’s updated e-Newsletter is an inspirational piece, reminding readers that although cooking represents vast history and tradition, it is ever evolving, offering new techniques and methods,” said Janis Johnson, president and founder of Gourmet Catalog & Buying Group. “This publication is intended to excite and motivate customers to attempt recipes never tried, with tools never used, and therefore, visiting a local kitchenware store.”

Additionally, store members are able to request customize features such as logo, contact information, store hours, social media accounts, in store specials, current promotions, cooking class schedule, personal notes, email signature, as well as color themes to match the store’s logo and website. Stores also have the opportunity to select the featured products depending on what product lines are carried. After the personalized e-Newsletter is complete, Gourmet Catalog services stores by posting the newsletter to each individual store’s email marketing account, as well as any social media accounts.

The content calendar reflecting topics for 2016 eNewsletters has already been established and is available upon request along with price lists and additional information guides to Gourmet Catalog members.

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