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Ginsu Rebrands, Launches Kiso Cutlery

Ginsu, a Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands company, recently updated its tagline and brand messaging as “Simply Sharp Solutions.” The refresh comes on the heels of the brand’s recent launches, including the Kiso dishwasher-safe cutlery line.

According to the company, with its long-term positive brand association with consumers, it has the potential to expand its name across many housewares categories, and with newer consumers that may not have been familiar with the company’s history and success with television infomercials.

“We wanted our branding to be simple, clean and reflect the Japanese inspiration that has been a hallmark of Ginsu since its inception. We wanted our branding to be respectful of our past yet position us and challenge us to grow into the future,” said  Randal Moss, director of marketing, Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands.

To that end, the company is shining a spotlight on its Kiso dishwasher-safe line of cutlery with features that it said consumers are looking for when it comes to their kitchenware.

The blades of the knives also feature a mirror polish finish, which Moss said was something gleaned from consumer research the company conducted. It found that a popular consumer pain point was chipped coatings of knives.

To further hone the company’s messaging about its uncomplicated kitchen approach, Ginsu revamped its packaging to give it simple to read icons that enable consumers to visually pick up on just what benefits the knives can bring to the specific ingredients they are prepping for recipes.



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