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Ginsu Brands Debuts New Categories

Ginsu Brands has introduced three new categories: Ginsu Home, Ginsu Gourmet and Ginsu Gift. The company stated that the new segmentation strategy is a reflection of the company’s ongoing rebranding efforts.

Each category, explained the company, targets a different customer while presenting multiple lines and/or product choices suited for the everyday home cook, the aspirational gourmet cook, or those looking for special, personalized gifts for the kitchen.

Earlier this year, the company changed its name from Douglas Quikut to Ginsu Brands. All cutlery made by Ginsu Brands is now united under the Ginsu umbrella. Knives formerly marketed under the Quikut name are now presented as Ginsu Element, one of five Ginsu Home lines along with Ginsu ComfortGrip, Ginsu SoftTouch, Ginsu Essential and Ginsu Koden.

The Ginsu Gourmet category features the Ginsu Chikara brand, which extends the company into higher-end territory. Meanwhile, the Ginsu Gift category includes multi-purpose goods for gifts, bridal registry, corporate gifting, retailer exclusives, and keepsake mementos commemorating special events.

“We’re fully focused on partnering with retailers to offer practical, quality cutlery, with multiple options to meet consumer needs. With our new brand segmentation strategy, we have a unified message about the Ginsu brand that spans a full range of product from Ginsu Element to Ginsu Chikara and beyond,” said Sarah Thielemier, Director of Sales for Ginsu Brands.

Products from any Ginsu brand can be personalized with initials, names, logos, slogans or special messaging at the company’s headquarters in Walnut Ridge, AR.

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