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GelPro Launches Ergo Comfort Rug

GelPro recently introduced the Ergo Comfort Rug. The new rug is said to be an accent rug version of the company’s comfort mats, designed for consumers looking for decorative and functional solutions for their floors at home.

“We have noticed a trend of Persian and designer-inspired rugs showing up in rooms like the kitchen and bath. Designed specifically for the kitchen and bath, the Ergo Comfort Rug addresses these issues by combining three products into one: a washable, designer-inspired rug, a supportive comfort floor mat, and a slip-resistant system that safely secures both to the floor,” said Tawnya Quiet, vp/product development and marketing at GelPro.

GelPro said the Ergo Comfort Rug features a removable and washable rug that fits over a comfort mat. The patent-pending attachment system is designed to keep both the rug and mat securely in place. In addition, the new accent rug made of stain-resistant polyester with a soft, chenille texture. It is removable and can be spot cleaned or machine-washed.

The company also integrated four GellyGrippers into the rug in order to secure it to the floor. This, said, the company will help to keep it from slipping or bunching and removes the need for a rug pad or a non-slip pad. The comfort mat that attaches under the rug is made of energy-return polyurethane foam for resilient support and ultra-plush comfort while standing.

GelPro’s new Ergo Comfort Rug is available in 15 patterns and an array of stylish colors. The standard-size is 24” x 34” and retails for $59.95; the runner-size for larger spaces is 24” x 76” and retails for $119.95. It is available now at select retailers and on the GelPro website.





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