GC Buying Group Taps MMP Living As Strategic Partner


GC Buying Group has announced the addition of MMP Living to its list of members and as a strategic partner in the development of an online strategy for its brand and retail partners.

MMP Living is an online retailer specializing in kitchen and home products. The company was formed in Colorado in 2008 and has offices in Denver and Dublin. MMP Living is currently the largest marketplace seller of household goods on the Amazon platform and operates in seven worldwide Amazon markets including the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan.

“As retail continues the turn to online shopping, GC store members want to take advantage of every opportunity to remain strong brick and mortar retailers. In order to retain prominence at the in-store level, stores must embrace the multi-channel option that most customers now demand,” said Janis Johnson, president and founder, GC Buying Group. “Our strategic partnership with Mike Mitchell and MMP Living will open a door to that knowledge and enhance the growth for GC store members interested in increasing an online exposure through this channel. As with all GC membership privileges and benefits, the program is optional for our members.”

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