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Fusionbrands Issued Method Patent For Poachpod

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Method Patent relating to the specific manner of poaching eggs accomplished by the form and function of Fusionbrands’ silicone cooking device, the poachpod.
“We are pleased to be awarded a patent for this fun and functional cooking approach,” Kraigh Stewart, designer and developer for Fusionbrands, said in the company’s announcement about the patent.
The flexible “pods” are designed to float in boiling water. The egg is cracked into the body of the pod and rests within the bottom of the pod below the surface of the water without tipping over. The cooking action occurs as boiling water comes in contact with the outside of the pod’s surface. The heat generated permeates the silicone, poaching the egg. Once cooking is complete, the egg is released by peeling the flexible pod away from the egg.

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