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Frieling Celebrates 30 Years In Business

Frieling is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The company has developed an anniversary logo to mark the occasion, which appears on the company’s revamped website.

According to the company, over the course of its 30 years in business, Frieling has cultivated strategic alliances with European manufacturers such as Black Cube, Caso, Cilio, Durgol, Küchenprofi, Seltmann Weiden, Spring, Woll, Zassenhaus and Zenker.

“We have many reasons to celebrate in 2018,” said co-founder Monika Schnacke. “Thirty years have given us a rare opportunity to form lasting friendships while building our business. We want to thank our team, our retail partners, our factories and our service providers for helping us live the Frieling feeling every day. We couldn’t have done it without them, and it would have been only a fraction of the fun!”

Monika and Bernard Schnacke founded Frieling in 1988. The company stated that it achieved early success and momentum when Chuck Williams, founder of Williams-Sonoma, placed its Hot Rock Cooking Stone on the cover of his catalog.

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