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Fox Run Brands Expands Outset Grillware

Fox Run Brands has expanded its Outset grillware assortment with specialty items for cooking pizza on an outdoor grill.

The company’s new Mezzaluna style pizza cutter is designed to cut through pizza in one swift rocking motion. The high carbon stainless steel blade measure 13 inches long and is .65 of an inch thick. It has a walnut wood handle that fits comfortably in the hand. It also comes with a clear, polycarbonate edge protector for safe storage.

Another new good designed for pizza on the grill is the Pizza Iron. It is made of cast iron and forged stainless steel and designed to heat up faster and more evenly than pizza stones, said the company. The iron’s shape has a raised lip that allows for easy pizza peel use. It comes pre-seasoned for natural, non-stick performance and has stainless steel handles with a hanging groove for ease of use and storage.


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