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Forbes Releases 2019 Cookware Trend Report


Forbes has released a new trend report, featuring the top trends that consumers should be looking for in the cookware industry going into 2019.

According to the publication, there are four top trends that cookware companies will be addressing going into the next year. These include more colors, copper goods, adaptable products and cookware that is personal.

More Color: Companies will continue to pump color into the industry, shedding darker hues for brighter, lighter colorways.

Copper Will Continue: Copper cookware was top of mind with consumers in 2018, as manufacturers released a number of copper and copper-colored products into the market. This craze was helped along by the As Seen On TV release of copper-coated non-stick cookware, a trend that is still hot.

Adaptable: According to Forbes, consumers will be looking for cookware that can be adapted to dwellings. Stackable cookware as well as those goods made for small-space living will be a hit with consumers in 2019.

Personal: From cast iron to non-stick, consumers will be looking for cookware pieces that meet their individual needs while showing off their style in the kitchen.

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