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Foodie Nights Bring New Business To Cooks’ World

Since its inception, Rochester, NY-based Cooks’ World has been focused on a customer base of people who truly love to cook.

Now, the store, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is taking it up a notch by creating an in-store event around those customers. Dubbed “Foodie Night” by the store, the event has created excitement and has brought more customers to the store.

“The idea was to have an event to just bring people together in the community who are passionate about cooking and just have a venue for them to come to,” said Rebecca Carney, manager, Cooks’ World.

The event, she explained, is free of charge and is based around an item that the store carries. Cooks’ World picks the item and gives it to participants for free.

“They can pick the item up about a week in advance,” Carney said.

Then, she said, those participating create or modify a recipe based around the product the store gave them. On Foodie Night, the customers bring in their dish and the fun begins.

“We all sit in  a circle and introduce each other. We talk about what we made, about our experience with the item and people ask questions,” she said. “After that, we eat and it becomes a big party.”

The night, said Carney, gives customers a place to express their love for food while also bringing new customers to the store to explore their passions as well. After the night, Cooks’ World posts the recipes on its website so that other people can share in the fun, even if they weren’t present at the event.

Several other gourmet insiders, have seen success with cooking events that are based around their customers’ love of cooking. Troy, NY-based Culinary Square started a cookbook club, as did Little Rock, AR-based Eggshells Kitchen. Both stores host the class around recipes from a specific cookbook and turn it into a potluck dinner and learning experience for other food loving participants.

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