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Food & Wine Unveils Top Cookie Sheets

Food & Wine magazine has unveiled what the brand believes are some of the best cookie sheets that are on the market today. According to the brand, it gathered information about several cookie sheets on the market through reviews, articles and recommendations by chefs and selected eight offerings to go through testing. The goods collected included metal, ceramic and silicone and both rimmed and non-rimmed pans.

Food & Wine put the cookie sheets through an array of baking tests, “from crumbly, buttery Brussels cookies to lacey oatmeal molasses cookies, gluten free peanut butter cookies, glazed Italian oil drops, and peppery, dark gingerbread,” the food brand explained. Additionally, it also tested the sheets both lined with parchment paper and silicone mats, as well as unlined.

After testing, the brands who came out on top were:

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