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Regional, Plant-Based Foods Predicted To Top 2019 Food Trends

As 2018 winds down, it’s time for housewares store owners to look into what food trends are going to make their mark in 2019.

Gourmet housewares retailers are the resource for finding the tools consumers need to attempt a new recipe or to re-create a meal in their own home they had at a restaurant. Retailers are also the source consumers turn to for advice on how to tackle a given recipe.

Grocery store chain, Kroger, recently predicted its food trends for 2019 based on predictions from the brand’s chefs and product developers. The top five trends are:

  • Regional foods: Consumers will see a growing number of products influenced by local, regional and global tastes, the brand predicts.
  • Plant-based foods: As more people are looking to eliminate meat either for health problems or for care and concern for the environment, plant-based foods will continue to be in-demand.
  • Eating styles: People will be adopting “diets” like Keto and Paleo and creating long-term lifestyles out of them instead of sticking with them until they achieve their desired results.
  • Gut-Healthy Foods: Consumers will be looking for a growing number of products rich in probiotics and flavor, explained Kroger. These foods include items like kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and yogurt.
  • Low sugar: As people are looking to live healthier lives, they are also looking to remove sugar from their diets. Food with decreased sugar as well as artificial sweeteners will be in demand with home cooks and bakers alike.

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