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Food Network Turns To Bowery Kitchen Supplies

When New York City-based Bowery Kitchen Supplies moved from its location in lower Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood (hence the name) and into Chelsea Market in 1996, the owners and staff members didn’t know that they would soon be the go-to housewares store to one of the most recognizable food-centric brands in the U.S. — Food Network.

“We’ve had such a great relationship with the Food Network since they moved in [to Chelsea Market],” said Robin Coval, co-owner, Bowery Kitchen Supplies. “It has been such a fun perk to be so close to them.”

Coval said that members of the cable television channel, which is estimated to reach about 96 million homes, come down to make purchases for a variety of shows, including “Chopped,” as well as specials and other titles that are filmed within the studios.

While Coval said it is hard to estimate how much the network itself contributes to the business, she said that they purchase on a regular basis and the products needed are always different depending on what’s on tap for the network.

“It’s really never the same,” Coval said. “Sometimes they need products for a show and sometimes they come down and have to buy for private events that they are hosting in the studio. It comes from a lot of different departments and it’s nice to know that we are here to service them when they need it. It’s convenient for them to have me here and it’s a nice feeling to know that we can serve them.”

And that service, said Coval, is the cornerstone of the relationship even though for some, knowing they were providing product to such a staple in the food community would be intimidating.

“They are a regular customer and it’s like a nice, familiar face for them and for us,” Coval explained. “We have to make sure that we give them the type of service that they don’t get from a chain. They recognize us, we recognize them; it’s a loyalty. It still never gets old. It’s fresh and it’s fun. It’s a nice partnership and we are proud of the fact that we can service them,” said Coval.

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