Filament Brands Adds To Rabbit Barware Collection


Filament Brands has introduced several new barware accessories under the Rabbit brand.

Featured in the collection is a cocktail mixing set that includes a glass beaker, julep strainer, measurement spoon and three recipe sticks. The set is designed to make single or batch cocktails. It has a suggested retail price of $30.

Rabbit also introduced a compact bar tools set. The set comes with a strainer, citrus zester, bottle opener, stirring stick, jigger and bar knife. All of the tools are designed to be stored inside a compact caddy. It has a suggested retail price of $25.

The magnetic bottle opener is designed to pull caps into the opener and catch up to six bottle caps at once. A twist to the left empties the caps. The bottle opener can also be attached to a refrigerator or barbecue. It has a suggested retail price of $10.

Rabbit’s new L.E.D. bottle stoppers come in a set of two and light up. They are designed to twist on and off and the included batteries last for 96 hours of light. The set of two has a suggested retail price of $16.

Also included in the collection is a new flask that is said to be made of non-detectable plastic construction. It has a removable lid to fill and clean. The discreet flask has a suggested retail price of $10.

All of the new barware accessories from the Rabbit line are available now.

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