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Field Skillet Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

Field Skillet, a cast iron skillet that is said to be much lighter than other cast iron goods, has surpassed its Kickstarter goal. The company was asking for $30,000 and has raised more than $400,000 with 14 more days to go in the campaign.

Started by Stephen and Christopher Muscarella, the brothers took more than a year to develop a 10.5-inch cast-iron pan that, at 4.5 pounds, is lighter than a 13-inch MacBook Pro. According to Food & Wine Magazine, the Muscarellas settled on a design that begins with walls poured a quarter-inch thick, which then are machined down to a modest three millimeters, giving the skillet a smooth, polished finish.

The brothers hope to be up and running by the end of the summer.

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