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Fearless Cooking Taps Into Beer Trend

Inspired by the increased consumer thirst for craft beer, Chicago, IL-based Fearless Cooking will host a guided beer tasting with a local brewery on February 19 from 7 p.m to 9 p.m.

According to the retailer’s Facebook page, Lake Effect Brewing’s founder and owner Clint Bautz will guide attendees through tastings of five distinct styles of beer and examine the ingredients and processes used as well as the history of each. A spectrum of flavors will be experienced from German and Belgian style ales to darker and barrel aged beers. In addition, the retailer said the class will include three ounce beer samples and light snacks.

Fearless Cooking is owned by Catherine Siebel, who opened the store last summer. The store carries a variety of culinary tools as well as cooking classes. Siebel said the store was born out of her own desire to teach parents how to cook for their children.

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