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Fearless Cooking Opens In Chicago

Chicago, IL-based Fearless Cooking has officially opened for business. Owned by Catherine Siebel, the store was born out of her own desire to teach parents how to cook for their children. She explained that by creating classes that were simple, she would be able to combat fear and intimidation that some would-be home cooks harbor.

In a recent article by Block Club Chicago, a local neighborhood news site, Siebel said that after coming up with the initial idea to host classes, she decided to also create a place where visitors would be able to also shop for the tools they would need to create the dishes they learned in class.

The store will host a variety of cooking classes based on the interests of the community, Siebel told the media outlet.

“We have lots of interests for kids classes, for healthy cooking and lots of interest for 30-minute meals. Things you can go home and just make very easily,” she said.

Fearless Cooking is slated to be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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