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Faraday’s Sees Gains From New Web Efforts

Three months after launching an e-commerce site and complementary social media initiative, Faraday’s Kitchen Store owner Tony Curtis-Wellings says he’s already seeing the benefits. “The sales we had in December alone will pay for the site for all of 2011,” Curtis-Wellings told Gourmet Insider, in a recent interview.
He noted that not only did the company gain sales online it might otherwise not have captured, but the social media effort has turned Tweets (short informational posts on the website, into sales.
“We were able to track and had people who went from a Tweet to our blog and from the blog to our website with one that purchased three products,” he said.
And while that may not sound like a lot, it represents a solid initial beginning for an effort that is slated to grow substantially in 2011. In addition to launching the e-commerce component of its site, Faraday’s has created an online persona “Tony The Knife Guy,” with an animated character that serves as Curtis-Wellings’ online alter ego. While serving initially to create an identity and a bit of eye-catching fun on the website, plans for 2011 call for expanded animation and greater role for the “Tony The Knife Guy” aimed at helping consumers better identify with the store and helping them learn about its products.
“We think with the website and social media we should be able to grow sales by about 10% to 15% organically,” said Curtis-Wellings, noting that best of all, there is little to no cost associated with these social media efforts.

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