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Fante’s Mariella Esposito Shares Her Love Story

Mariella Esposito, owner of Philadelphia, PA-based Fante’s Kitchen Shop, recently opened up about her courtship with fellow business owner, Lee Esposito, owner of Esposito’s Meats.

The two spoke to about how their relationship blossomed, but also about how they were able to maintain their relationship while both being small business professionals.

“From the beginning, we decided that once we got home, we were not going to talk business, because it was just too hard. We worked a lot of hours,” she said, citing that work-life balance has been the key to their successful marriage.

Esposito is still the face of Fante’s, while her oldest daughter, Liana Esposito Ottaviani, manages the store’s operations now. The store also licenses its name to a variety of housewares products distributed through Harold Import Co (HIC). The kitchenware collection debuted in 2011 and has grown in subsequent years.

“We’ve poured years of experience in the kitchen into our signature line of Italian cooking products, for both home cooks and chefs. Old school craftsmanship and today’s technology come together in a collection of favorites that would make generations of Fante’s very proud. We hope they inspire you and your family to gather, to cook and to enjoy a wonderful meal,” the Fante family said upon the debut of the line.

Read the story in its entirety here.

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