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Facebook Tips For Top Targeting

Make The Best Out Of Your 2019 Digital Advertising Budget

Digital has become an integral part of the marketing and advertising game. It has its perks, including flexible budgets, visible audience targeting and the ability to run a campaign whenever necessary, instead of on a schedule. However, it is also layered with best practices and a landscape that changes based on the needs of the user.

While Instagram and Snapchat have found a place in the independent gourmet retail market as tools to reach a potential audience, Facebook — with more than 2.2. billion users, according to Social Media Today — is still tops with independent gourmet stores looking to maximize its reach potential. 

GOURMET INSIDER® recently spoke to Mitch Tobol, owner of CGT Marketing based in Amityville, NY, for some ways to make the most of your digital advertising dollars in 2019.

Start With Pexels

Tobol explained that starting with Facebook Pexel is the best option. Pexel is a code generated from Facebook that is placed onto a website. From there, retailers are able to track their audience, which can lead to a more precise way to figure out where money is best spent.

“This tool is designed to help analyze the audience coming from Facebook to the website, which can help businesses narrow down their target audience. It can also help retailers build their audience as well as lookalike audiences to expand their reach,” explained Tobol.

Create Buyer Personas

Tobol said that creating a buyer persona — or several buyer personas — before you begin advertising will help to target an audience as closely as possible.

“A buyer persona is a fictional representative of your ideal customer,” Tobol said. “It is made up of user demographics as well as educated speculation from the algorthim.”

To create a buyer persona, begin by pulling together as much information from your customer base from your own knowledge as well as the knowledge from your team or by polling customers themselves. This should include personal and professional information, what their goals and fears are as well as what they value.

When creating content marketing strategies, for instance, personas are critical. They help to focus keyword research efforts and are used as a reference when crafting copy. They can also help in the identification and prioritization of promotional activities.

Video Ads Are King

While Tobol noted that every advertisement should look polished and professional, he explained that videos are currently tops when it comes to the algorithm, which allows them to be viewed more often.

“Video has high value on Facebook right now and will continue going into the new year. But, retailers should keep up with this because it has the potential to change in [a matter of]months,” said Tobol.

The Facebook relevance score is important when creating and distributing advertising content, as the social media giant chooses what ad to show to a user based on the relevance to that user — not based on quality. Based on a one through 10 number scale, users can check their relevance score in the advertising dashboard. The higher the number, the better the reach.

Ad Placement May Be Back

New for 2019, Facebook will be reintroducing the ad placement option, which first appeared in 2012. However, with Facebook being used increasingly as a search engine, the company has now decided to try this option again.

The ads will essentially be the same format as regular News Feed ads and will appear as an additional placement option within Ads Manager. Video options will not be available for these ads, noted Tobol.

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