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Expanded Pet Program Brings New Customers To Honeycomb Kitchen Shop

When owners Melissa Turpin and Dana Smith opened The Honeycomb Kitchen Shop in Rogers, AR in 2016, the friends certainly carried a few pet-themed products such as cat printed dishtowels and mugs with cute pet sayings, however they didn’t quite expect pet products to take off as much as they have.

“Pet products have definitely been on the rise. People love their pets. So when we started offering a small amount of actual functional pet products like food bowls and treat bins, it wasn’t a surprise that those items sold extremely well,” explained Turpin.

With that said, the retailer will be hosting its first pet food making class focusing on treats, in collaboration with Woof and Wander, a local pet boutique shop. The shop, Turpin said, will bring its knowledge of the health benefits of different types of foods and treats will be beneficial in making food for dogs at home.

“This will be our first pet food class even though we have tossed around this idea for quite some time. So far it has been very well received. Hopefully this type of class will be something we can offer multiple times a year,” said Turpin.

She explained that the class will focus on making healthier treats at home for pets, which is especially relevant for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Such instances are why Turpin decided to offer a class for customers — to help give them the resources to supply their pets with the homemade nutrition they need.

“It is a constant struggle for people to find healthy foods for pets without harmful ingredients or contamination of some sort. As food allergies in pets continue to rise, I think more people will resort to making pet food at home. Offering this type of class will give them the opportunity to learn how to make healthy food options so they know exactly what their pets are eating,” she said.

In addition to the class, Turpin stated that she hopes to do additional classes in the future and also continue to expand her pet merchandise, as it certainly has been a help with bringing traffic in.

“The financial impact of pet specific items may not be a huge number to our bottom line, but what it does do is get people in our store since we have one of the more unique selections of pet food bins, treat bins, food bowls, treat pans in our area,” she explained.

This, in turn, Turpin noted, entices customers to shop for additional items while they are there. In the meantime, she stated, she hopes to bring more pet-related food classes to customers, to round out her growing pet program.

“We would definitely love to do a treat focused class before the holidays. Homemade healthy treats for family and friends who have pets make great gifts,” she said.


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