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EXCLUSIVE: Retailers Share Top-Selling Healthy Eating Products

When it comes to what consumers are looking for when they visit gourmet housewares retailers with healthy eating in mind, store owners explain that there are a few go-to products that have been hits for them.

Susan Dolinar, owner of Winchester, VA-based Nibblins, said some are looking to make their own ingredients to suit a healthier take on an old recipe, and Cookut’s Mayozen mayonnaise maker has grown in popularity.

“That product is great because it only makes half a cup and the instructions are on the jar. I’ve used it to make homemade bleu cheese salad dressing and tuna salad,” she said. “I think what’s happened is, while we’re living healthier lives, we’re not as afraid of fats anymore.”

Sean Gartland, owner of Fenton, MI-based Feast Gourmet Kitchen Shop & Cooking School, noted that at his store, customers are often looking for hard to find ingredients featured in a recipe or cookbook that they’ve recently purchased.

He said he makes sure to stock a wide assortment of flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, for example, which are growing in demand due to their healthy attributes and eclectic uses.

And for those looking to cook healthier but are still browsing for tried and true housewares products, Gartland said healthy living enthusiasts have come to the store looking for non-stick cookware and to replace old Teflon versions.

“We love working with the Scan Pan CTX line. It is PFOA-free and doesn’t scrape off,” he said.

Whatever a customer may be looking for in order to support their at-home meal prep, Gartland noted that helping a customer find their healthy ingredient or tool “always seems to spark a good conversation about healthy cooking through proper technique and good meal planning.”

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